Top 10 Travel Tips of All Time

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Top 10 Travel Tips of All Time

With these ideas, it’s much easier to go from tourists to a traveler.
In our office, between visa discussions and the consumption of international sweets, we often discuss the difference between a tourist and a traveler. There is a quote from the English writer GK Chesterton that we continue to return to: “The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has seen.” We could also add: “The tourist goes to the Eiffel Tower, the traveler also goes to the Eiffel Tower, but knows what to visit at dusk (see Sunset and Tower at night), read about his secret apartment and make a reservation on the roof terrace Hotel Raphael, to get a breathtaking view of the site itself. ”
Our mission is to help people feel at home around the world – to enjoy the absence of their comfort zones and feel well armed with the latest information and applications, restaurant choices and hotel discoveries. We all felt like tourists in the past, so-called strangers in a foreign country, but with these ten tips, the house will soon be much easier.

Best day for booking a flight
Tuesday! I’m kidding. So, in recent years, the study of aviation trends from Expedia and Airlines Airlines has confirmed that travelers will get better flights on Tuesdays in the afternoon (after the business travel industry left). But the latest data – an analysis of 10 billion (yes, billions) passenger flights in October 2014 and October 2015 – show that the weekend is really the ideal time to get a discount on the flight. “Most analyzes show low prices for air tickets on weekends, as many holidaymakers buy tickets here (and tickets for rest are much cheaper than bus tickets).” There is a reservation (not always?): Airlines change their prices several times a day, so it’s better to check them often.
How to book a ticket?
This same study is a little more specific when it comes to how far you must book air tickets in order to get the best prices. For flights in North America, buy about 57 days before the flight (to save about 10 percent); from North America to the Asia-Pacific region, the book is about 160 days; and for North America to Europe, try to plan in advance 176 days (or about six months).
The best places to travel in 2017

Vacation trips, however, play by their own rules. Offers on Thanksgiving Day come in October, with more savings in the last week of the month and, surprisingly, on the Thanksgiving Week itself. Prepare Christmas holidays during packing for your Thanksgiving trip and New Year’s flights until the week of December 5th.
The best time to book a cruise
Thursday! This time, do not joke. A recent study conducted by, a search engine for cruise deals, viewed about 600,000 tariffs and showed that prices were the lowest on Thursday and fell by 17%, according to Catherine LaGrave. And the most expensive day for booking? Wednesday. Dirty, dirty environment.
How to quickly reach the airport lines
Two words: TSA PreCheck. Two other words: Global record. PreCheck is a five-year subscription to the $ 85 “famous traveler”, which allows you to speed up filtering in the security lines of the US airport (although it may soon join the European airlines). This means that the shoes remain, the laptop and toiletries remain in your hand luggage and your dignity. But for $ 15, Global Entry offers PreCheck privileges and the ability to travel through US customs in minutes. This is the best business, in our humble opinion.
The best places to find flights
Of course, we all use kayaks, but this is not ideal: the flight search system does not display a full list of airlines (for example, Southwest does not sell prices on aggregator sites). If we feel creative, we will check the “Flight Deal”, “Range”, “Airfarewatchdog”, “Skyscanner” and “Concorde” on the list of major flights – the kind that you need to get right now. And do not forget to subscribe for daily flights for cheap flights to Scott.
How to avoid roaming abroad
Find out what kind of international plan your phone has. Verizon has one of the most comprehensive data plans in the world. The Google project in Fi means that Android phones can work abroad in 135 countries, like at home. In doubt? Buy a portable Wi-Fi hot spot, such as Skyroam, in your wallet or purse. You can only pay $ 8 a day for unlimited data in about 100 countries.
The easiest way to enter the first year
Unfortunately, there is no right way to get from the economy to the top of the plane, despite the sweetness of your speech. But Traveler publisher Mark Ellwood has long preached a good word about loyalty programs: traveling with a regular airline, you earn miles and status that bring you improvements on the roads, which is not difficult (from New York to West Palm) Beach. You can also use miles to update a paid ticket, even if you are cash.
Best credit cards for travelers
We could write a whole story about this – in fact, we have it. Read the latest news from Cynthia Drescher about the latest changes in credit cards (and their advantages) and compare them with the release of Lilit Marcus on Chase Sapphire, which we all got scared this summer – $ 450 per year,
TripIt. Friends in the lounge. The Guru sits. The door of the Guru. Passport Google Translator Mobile Passport Passes all the stages of your journey: from planning to flying (comfortable) vortex Cacio e Pepe in a cafe on a Roman street.
We can not wait for apps
We will soon travel to Lola, our new travel agency, A.I., which also comes with real people in the backend service and 24/7. And we hear good things about the Sky Guru, an application that seeks to behave like Xanax during the flight, explaining each of the cones and airplane failures in real time.

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