18 best hackers at the airport

8 May by Administrator

18 best hackers at the airport

Crossing the airport can be a complex and destructive activity these days, so it’s not enough to show off and hope for the best. You must be ready, quick and smart. To help you, we created 18 break-ins at the airport so you can move from parking to the gate at every step.

1. Find information about destination and stop airports.
You probably know your own base well, but stops and destination airports can be disoriented. The GateGuru application can help you with their airport tickets that include the equipment available in each terminal. This can save you time if you are looking for food or toiletries in close contact. The app also contains information about Wi-Fi options at the airport, which are trying to figure out which of the ten available networks is legitimate.

2. Put some Ziploc bags in your luggage.
Zipper bags can be useful for traveling in many ways (for liquids, if you conduct security checks at the airport to store snacks, so that the phone is dry), I always added a pocket. I leave them there between trips, and then fill out the offer as necessary.

3. You have a special set of “clothes for traveling by air”.
Carrying your favorite clothes on the plane will help you in a few minutes before your flight and provide comfort at the airport and on your flight. Their clothes should be comfortable, but presentable, not too hot or too thin and a bit sturdy. After you have chosen your flight, make sure that it is clean and is at the top of the packing list a few days before the trip.

4. If your luggage is overweight or hard, wear more clothes.
If you suspect that your baggage is close to the weight limit of your carrier (a small baggage scale may help you understand this), put a jacket, hoody or other heavy clothing in your front pocket or If your airline identifies your bag as being overweight at check-in, you you can open a bag, tear off clothes and put it on. (This trick also works on the way back from the trip if your suitcase is weighed with some extra memories.)

5. Pack the things you need at your fingertips.
This applies to hand luggage; Your “personal object” in which you could have an identity card, boarding pass and other important items; and your checked baggage. Pack the things that you need first or often in easily accessible places to avoid the suffering of digging your bag against dozens of fellow travelers.

6. Take a picture of your car park.
Take pictures of your car park before you go to the terminal, and make sure that the sign indicates your location (level, driveway, etc.). At some airports, the number of the garage or terminal on the sign is not obvious (this is the case in Philadelphia), you may need to remember the garage in which you were.

7. Put everything in a small bag during the flight.
Put everything you need during the flight in one pocket – earpiece, reader / e-book, snack, etc. – so you can just take it and put it into your back pocket before you store the rest of your material. in the luggage compartment or under the seat (note that if you need liquids such as an antibacterial gel during your flight, they may need to be transferred to a small bag after passing the safety check).

8. Put an empty bottle of water in your transfer.
To avoid having to pay a huge fee for bottled water at the airport, bring your own empty bottle (which passes through the guard) and fill it after the control point in the water well.

9. Register next to the first line of the business class.
As registration becomes more automated, most savings checks will be held in kiosks. Standing on wide lines is becoming less common, but some travelers swear by tactics, the closest option of registering on a classroom counter, where agents sometimes help business travelers when no one is their office.

10. Use a jacket to wear more things.
A photographer I know has a photographic lens that has half a dozen large pockets for lenses, which he fills with his things. When he gets on the plane, he puts down his vest and puts it in the luggage basket next to the bag.

11. Put on the strap with the plastic buckle.
Some guards put your belt on when it is not made of metal; A strap with a plastic buckle can save you from having to take off your belt and lower your clothes halfway.

12. Bring a portable charger.
A mobile phone charger can be a lifesaver if you can not find an open sale point at the airport. You can also use it during the flight, if your phone is probably in flight mode and does not consume much energy. This can be a great way to make sure that you have a fee when you land.

13. Bring an adapter with several outputs.
Especially if you are traveling with a family or a group, bring an adapter that can turn a single plug so that more people can connect. Even if you come to the door and all forks are used, it often happens that the travel companion is shared with you if you have such an adapter.

14. Go left for your safety.
Obviously, most people are prejudiced against their dominant hand, so most people are right, which leads to the fact that most people choose the right path of security when faced with choice. Zig, if they ring, checking the tracks to your left.

15. Keep things when you pass the security line.
Do not wait until you get to the top of the line to pick up your phone, keys, currency and other things that security officers do not like to get out of their pockets; Take care of it when you wrap yourself in an unavoidable line of safety.

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16. Find an empty goal for stops or delays.
If you have a few hours to kill, go for a more relaxed and comfortable experience by finding an empty door where you can find seats, sockets, Wi-Fi signals and a place for yourself. Be careful not to be too far away when the ads can affect your flight.

17. Tint things in your shopping bag.
If you have problems keeping the “hand luggage and personal items” rule, some hackers will ask you to ask for a grocery portfolio in the store at the airport and store extra things. Ticketing agents will think that there are only a few things that you bought, which you do not you can expect in your work.

18. Be careful when wearing a helmet at the door.
If you listen to music, play a podcast or watch a movie on your mobile device, you can spend time at the door, but you can also face important ads. Be careful when switching off the noise to prevent the signal from turning off.

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