33 trips that every 2018 in the United States must take

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33 trips that every 2018 in the United States must take

Detroit, Michigan. Unsplash / Doug Tooth
There are countless opportunities for traveling to the United States next year, no matter what vacation you are looking for.
Santa Fe, New Mexico, was recognized as one of the best cities in the world by Travel + Leisure earlier this year.
Minneapolis, Minnesota, hosted the Super Bowl in 2018, so sports fans can plan a tour of the game.
If you are the type of person who manages the travel list, you probably have tourist destinations around the world that you want to visit. But there are also many places to relax in the United States, whether you want to relax on the beach, explore a new city or enjoy nature.

From Detroit Revitalized, Michigan, to the serene landscapes of Bend, Oregon, there is no shortage of places to visit in the United States, no matter what you are looking for.
1. Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe was recently named by travelers as one of the best cities in the world and one of the best American gourmet cities.

It also has a spectacular art scene with 200 art galleries covering two square kilometers, including the wildest buzzard in America and the Santa Fe SITE, the premiere of the modern New Mexico gallery that survived the massive expansion.
2. Detroit, Michigan
In recent years, Detroit has grown from an abundant city into a vibrant city, filled with fashionable galleries, fashionable hotels and trendy distillery. In the center of the city there is a hockey and basketball arena and three new parks that will expand the river road. Not surprisingly, in 2018 Lonely Planet named the city one of the best travel cities.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana
There is never time to visit NOLA, but this year party capital celebrates its centenary – or its 300th anniversary. This means that in 2018 there will be a lot of special events, concerts, parties and fireworks.

New hotels such as The Ace and The Henry Howard, as well as the reconstruction of the historic Pontchartrain worth $ 10 million will make your stay even more luxurious.

Bon Appetit also named Turkey and the Wolf, one of the city’s sandwich bars, the best new restaurant in the country. Visit roast Bologna, and then visit the famous cafe du Monde for donuts.

4. Chicago, Illinois
The nickname “city-restaurant of the year” from Bon App├ętit, Chicago is a hot place for gourmets. Among the highlights is the Burger Au Cheval, which is often considered the best hamburger in the country – a dish made by many city institutions such as Lou Malnati or Pequod, and everything that Alinea is considered one of the best restaurants in the country. This year, the first coffee Nutella was opened.

In addition to the lively restaurant scene in Chicago, there are many other tourist attractions: beaches, baseball stadiums, breweries, comedy clubs, museums and music festivals. Trivago also named Langham Chicago the best five-star hotel in the United States in 2018. Do yourself a favor and go in the spring or summer.

5. Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis is definitely where, in 2018, the city will host the Super Cup LII and the Summer X Games (extreme sports event) in July.

According to National Geographic, the city has recently been one of the happiest cities in the United States.

6. Charleston, South Carolina
Filled with historic buildings and cobbled streets, Charleston is not number one in the world for anything – even voted for the best city of the world 2016 Travel + Leisure.

Thanks to its beautiful architecture, delicious southern cuisine and friendly locals, Charleston is an ideal place to relax.

7. Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World. Jorge Martinez / Unsplash
Not surprisingly, Orlando was recognized as the most amusing city in the US at the beginning of this year by Valletub and gave way to Las Vegas.

Between Walt Disney World, Epcot and Universal Studios Florida you will never have enough in this city, regardless of the season.

8. Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville can be known as a city of music, but it also has a thriving culinary scene that loves gourmets.

In the city there are two restaurants in the OpenTable list of the 100 hottest restaurants in 2017. Visit the 5th and 5th packets and the south, which are known for their exquisite local dishes.

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