Preparing for the trip: pre-holiday activities

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Preparing for the trip: pre-holiday activities

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I’m sure you know that preparing for a trip is a boring part, but it must be done and can have a big impact on the success of your trips.

Half an hour of visa at home is much more fun than a whole day to find and visit a message in a foreign country – believe me!

You must be at least a month before departure, but it is advisable to take much longer to plan everything.

“Do not plan, plan to fail.”
A simplified version of this article to let you know when to start planning these things can be found in our Backpacking checklist.

Before you come to the list:

Most countries require entry visas. The amount you will receive upon arrival, but you will have to agree before arrival.

It might be a good idea to sort your visa before booking your flight and everything else. You do not want to spend money on a flight or excursion, and then get a visa.

If you plan to work in the country, make sure that your visa allows you to do this.

For more information on visa requirements, contact your travel agent or airline. You can also find this information on the Internet by visiting the website of your office or the immigration website.

It is very likely that you will begin your journey from the voyage. Book your first flight or go to the door of Worldticket, as tickets for air tickets, as a rule, increase as you approach the date of departure.

Skyscanner is a great tool for comparing flights. Specialized travel agencies, such as STA, offer tickets around the world and can even receive discounts for students under 26 and students.

Enrollment in the loyalty program can be very useful in the long run.

Once your flight is booked, you should look at your transfer options from the airport to your accommodation.

You can also get acquainted with our tips and tips at the airport to avoid jet-time.

You must find and book accommodation, at least for the first nights before your departure.

There are many ways to find accommodation. Tripadvisor, Hostelworld, travel books, etc.

Find out more about choosing a good hostel here

It is very important to make sure that your passport is valid for the trip – trust me from personal experience. You must ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after you return home.

When I left home, I had 16 months in my passport, but after 12 months in Australia it was up to 4 months. I had problems coming to Singapore, and my airline showed me at the British and Japanese embassies when I arrived to make sure that I was not refused entry to Japan when I was flying for Singapore.

A damaged passport or outdated photos can also cause problems. There should also be many blank pages.

Please note that it may take from 3 to 6 weeks to receive a new or updated passport.

It is also not bad to take passport photos with you, as well as copies (paper and electronic) of your passport. Make sure that they are separated from your passport. You have to do this with all the other important documentation.

You can not be a backpack without a backpack! We have tips here on how to choose the best backpack for travel.

You also want to read our travel list.

Vaccination and health
If you have medical problems, talk with your doctor before asking for advice. It may be a good idea to organize medical and dental exams if you leave for a long time.

If necessary, you should also check and arrange for vaccinations. The NHS Fit for Travel website provides information on the vaccination required for every possible goal. However, it may be a good idea to confirm this with your doctor.

Remember, immunization courses can last up to a month, so you need to go through at least a month before the start – the sooner, the better.

You should also receive advice on malaria, which can be accessed online at the NHS Fit for Travel website or at your doctor’s office.

Your doctor will give you the best advice on buying malarial tablets and other medical problems – you should not trust everything that you read on the Internet, especially on important topics such as your health.

Learn more about travel vaccines and health

I should advise you to take out travel insurance, if something goes wrong, you can save a lot of money or even your life.

Nevertheless, I will say that I worked in the insurance industry for two years and that this is a matter of risk analysis. If you go to war-torn country, in a country with poor medical care or very dangerous activities, you will definitely get the best insurance you can find. But during my year in Australia, I knew that I would work there for most of my time in a safe environment and that I was in mutual agreement with the UK (I had to register for this service – do not think not that you were covered) . I also had very few valuable things, so I decided not to buy travel insurance for this part of my trip.

Of course, you have to buy insurance, but make sure that the actions you want to do are covered or not needed – insurance companies do not like to pay. The cheapest politicians do not cover such things as accidents, when they are intoxicated – fully familiarize themselves with the policy.

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